Our Mission

To foster creativity and fuel imagination in children which helps them develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. Creativity boosts one’s ability to analyze and problem-solve in myriad ways. Experiments and making mistakes results in new ways of thinking which helps build self-confidence.

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Engagaging & hands-on lessons, that develop a strong foundation of understanding and furthers the interests of the child, in a playful environment.


Small group setting through individualized instructions tailored to skill level & easy to follow instructions sparks natural curiosity and love for learning.


Learning experiences that will aid in children's all-round development and help throughout their educational careers and lives.


Our activities provide an opportunity for children to develop new interests & hobbies

Art & Craft

Making and appreciating art is one of life’s most fulfilling pleasures, and when we give children access to inspiring materials, they are better able to share what they are learning with the world. Our activities include materials like oil pastels, soft pastels, watercolors and acrylics which expands the artistic possibilities and allows a child to explore different media and how they behave. Developmental benefits of art includes- fine motor skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, inventiveness & improved academic performance. At The Maker Studios, we let kids create in their own way at their own pace.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents

Our goal is to make kids happy which will make parents happier