Watercolor is an exciting and very versatile fine art media. To make your experience with watercolor more enjoyable, you will need to gather some basic watercolor painting supplies.

  1. Paper - Use any watercolor pad, block, or loose paper with a weight of #140 or higher. The heavier the paper, the less likely you’ll have to deal with the warpage of the damp paper while painting.
  2. Paint - Watercolor paint comes in two forms: pan or tube. Pans are very convenient and are great for traveling, but make it more difficult to gather enough paint for a very large or dark wash. With tubes, you can take as much or as little paint as you need on your palette.
  3. Brushes - Watercolor brushes come in different shapes and sizes. They can be natural or synthetic. To start, you don't need many brushes, just a small round brush (#4,5 or 6), an angled flat and a big flat (2" or more) for washes.
  4. Board - Any paper lighter than 300lb will need to be stretched. You can secure your paper on foam board, wood, MDF or masonite panels.
  5. Palette - They come in many different sizes and shapes. Most palettes have wells for the paint and a flat mixing area.
  6. Water - Find a glass, or jar, or small bucket to hold fresh, clean water. Use two if possible. One for rinsing your brush between colors, and one for clean water for painting.
  7. Extras - A pencil, a kneaded eraser, some paper towels, and a couple of large metal clips for holding your watercolor paper to a board.