Manifestation starts with the spark of an idea, a thought. Once this idea is supported by strong emotions and active imagination, it gains a momentum and pushes the person toward executing a specific action resulting in an outcome.

Creativity is super important for kids, but they don’t know where to start. All they need is a bit of encouragement and guidance. That’s where we come in. Given the time, opportunity and a little nudge kids will soon discover that creativity is the key to happiness. At The Maker Studios we are committed to provide a playful environment, engaging curriculum, easy to follow instructions and individually focussed classes which will bring out their best and help them succeed.

Creativity is about ideas and how we develop, understand, and communicate them. Not just in terms of arts, but in every realm of thinking and work. Since childhood, art & craft along with DIY projects helped us in coming up with innovative ways of expressing ourselves. Growing up it helped us explore various ways to apply our imagination & inventiveness in every walk of life. We have been working in the technology industry for several years and understand the role of creativity in our lives and want to cultivate creative thinking in kids to prepare them for the future.